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Dell Laptop Flip The Screen Process You Should Know

Dell laptop comes with several attractive features, while the OS such as Windows 10 makes it best to optimize advanced level programs. However, only few people know about the actual process to flip screen on the laptop. This blog post tells you how to succeed in flipping the screen. You can flip the screen of your colleague to surprise him/her or use the steps to resolve when the problem happens with you. For any other info, dial the Dell support number 1-800-894-139 and take help from tech industry professionals. They specialize in resolving all kinds of Dell PC, Laptop and Printer troubleshoots.
Step 1: Go to the PC and hold down the "Ctrl" and "Alt" keys down in the meantime. At that point press the bolt keys on your console. Pressing the down bolt will flip the screen, while pressing the right and left bolts will flip the screen on its side.

Step 2: Hold the "Ctrl" and "Alt" keys down in the meantime and press the up bolt key. This will flip the screen back to its unique state.

Step 3: Right-tap on the desktop and pick "Properties" if the above stride does not work. Click the tab for your illustrations card, find the "Rotation" setting and set it back to 0 degrees.

Hopefully, you will be able to resolve the problem easily by following these basic steps. If you are confused with the process, then straight away dial the Dell contact number Australia. At the tech support, you can even get assistance for problems such as driver installation, upgrade, update and increasing laptop speed. So, get started to explore the highly advanced technical services of Dell. It’s assured you will receive guaranteed solutions.

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Secured Steps To Replace RAM On Dell Laptop

Secured Steps To Replace RAM On Dell Laptop

Replacing the Ram to increase the speed of your laptop is a smart decision. With increased RAM available in your system, it will operate faster. Even advanced software’s totally depends on the system RAM. So if you wish to install RAM in a Dell Laptop, check this blog, it is purely for you. Hereby you can follow few steps for to replace the RAM. While if you face any issue while following these steps then you can anytime contact Dell technical support Australia. Your call will be answered by professionals and they will provide you with a quick response.

Step 1: First check the minimum and maximum capacity for RAM in your laptop. For that you can go to the manufacturer specification details.

Step 2: Check the percentage and type of RAM already installed using a third party RAM checker if necessary.

Step 3: Now determine the type of memory to purchase the laptop.

Step 4: Next to install the RAM firstly you need to remove the battery. Then locate the memory access door.

Step 5: Now unscrew the door and remove the shield. Now remove the memory SODIMMs then the RAM module will pop up, gently take it out.

Step 6: Next align the new memory in the slot and gently push it into place at a 45 degree angle.

Step 7: Rotate the module downwards and replace the memory access door and screws. Now place the battery and then turn on the laptop.

These were the few simple steps to guide you through the RAM installation process. If you face any issue then you can dial Dell Support Number Australia 1-800-894-139 and they will provide you with a quick response.